training videos/dvds

Each Video/DVD is attractively packed in a three-ring binder along with a comprehensive Leader's Guide, Quiz, Scheduling and Attendance Form, and Training Certificate

Online Interactive

Delivered via the Internet, MARCOM's mobile-friendly online interactive training is ready when and whereMobile Devices Small employees are, engaging and involving them directly in the learning process… for better understanding and retention.

Our online interactive training makes it possible for you to provide a consistent level of training to each of your employees... whatever their schedules or physical locations, and new hires can be trained as soon as they walk in the door.

There are several usage plans available, to fit your training budget. An “Enterprise License” gives employees unlimited access to all of the courses in the MARCOM library, for a year. Under the “By-the-Access” plan you only pay when an employee takes a course.


MicroLearning by MARCOM sets the standard for efficient employee training. It's agile enough to engage employees where and when they need it, and effective enough to make the information stick. Running 5 minutes or less, each MicroLearning course focuses on a single skill or "nugget" of information that employees need to work safely. Concise MARCOM MicroLearning courses: Are easier to absorb and remember than traditional training. Fit more conveniently into employee schedules without disrupting productivity. Can keep safety information fresh, at the front of workers' minds, even on a daily basis. In addition to being accessible through desktop computers and tablets, MARCOM MicroLearning has been optimized for smartphone users so training can be ready for them anytime and anyplace.


training videos/dvds

Each Videos/DVD is attractively packaged in a three-ring binder along with a comprehensive Leader Guide, Quiz, Scheduling and Attendance Form, and Training Certificate.

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The brightly colored Posters can be placed in halls, lunchrooms, and other work areas for maximum impact. They catch employee's eyes and remind them to "Think Safety"!

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Employee Booklets

Booklets are available in packages, Text and illustrations review important points on the booklet's safety of health topic. All booklets are 16 pages in length

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Many General Safety Series can also be used with The Safety Game.. General Safety Series style, computer-based classroom training game that involves all your Employee in the training process. Each game consist of 20 to 25 question on important information from the game safety or regulatory compliance topic. For the ultimate training session. "show the video (or DVD) .. then play the Game." Games are available on 20 different topics.